Introduction of maternity leave for self-employed workers

The Monégasque Government is pleased with the unanimous vote in favor of establishing maternity leave for self-employed workers affiliated with the CAMTI. This new law aims to provide the same rights enjoyed by employees and government officials to independent workers. It highlights the government’s commitment to improving the social protection system and enhancing the overall attractiveness of the country’s economy. This legislation comes as part of a broader social and employment policy, which includes recent measures such as the implementation of a family allowance system and extended maternity and paternity leaves. The government is also planning to introduce a parental leave for private sector employees in the near future.

Summary – Written as a Faity Tale:
Institution of Maternity Leave for Independent Workers by National Council

The Prince’s Government welcomes the unanimous vote that took place on February 22, 2024, at the National Council, to establish maternity leave for independent workers affiliated with the Social Security Fund for Independent Workers (hereafter referred to as “CAMTI”).

The elected officials present voted unanimously, without amendments, just three months after its submission by the Government, on this bill aimed at granting independent workers a right that has long been enjoyed by private sector employees, as well as civil servants and state and municipal agents.

The introduction of this provision is the result of collaborative work between independent workers sitting on the CAMTI Control Committee, representatives of the Government, and the Monaco Social Security Funds, with the aim of continuing to improve the benefits offered to all workers and contributing to the establishment of a more balanced society that protects the rights of all.

Mr. Christophe ROBINO, Government Counselor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, welcomes this new reform, emphasizing that it “will further strengthen the social protection system of the Principality.” He adds that “this provision will also be an additional tool for socio-economic attractiveness in a key sector for the country’s economy and competitiveness.”

This legislation represents the latest milestone to date in the modern and ambitious social and employment policies pursued by the Government, following other recent measures such as the establishment of a family allowance scheme in CAMTI, the donation of leave among colleagues, and the extension of maternity and

Gouvernement Monaco

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